A Health and Wellness Journey Back to Me

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My name used to be Mickii, but you can call me Michelle. I don’t go by that name anymore. I’m telling you this because my goal here is to create an honest blog about my experiences and past, so I don’t want to hold anything back from you. I also want to write and share with you about the girl I used to be, and the inner child who stil lives inside of me. Her name is Mickii.

I was raised in a family where it was a mortal sin to reveal your honest thoughts. This blog is meant to be the opposite of that. I want to not only share with you my truest and deepest thoughts, but also to give you a place where it is safe to do the same. In my journey back to me, I have found that one of the biggest steps to healing has been the ability to share my innermost thoughts and feelings without the concern of shameful repercussions or negative punishment after doing so.

Here’s a little more about me: when I was a young woman, I spent long periods of time exploring the most beautiful corners of the United States and discovering all they had to offer. During these periods of travel amid the beauty of nature and across wide open spaces, I would often stare into the distance, wondering what kind of a life I was going to lead and dreaming about all the opportunities of growing older. It was a glorious time of possibility, self discovery, questioning, critical thinking, and meeting interesting people along the way. As I got older, I followed all of the steps of a successful life. I attended and graduated from a fine university, got a business degree, and became a corporate banker for 17 years—all like the good daughter I was.

Since growing older, though, I’ve started asking myself the question, at what age do we stop learning? For me, I hope the answer is never. When I see my own loved ones aging and holding tightly to their beliefs, I remember that I always want to continue to be critical, aware, and curious, so that I can continue to live my best life for as long as I’m on Earth. This is my wish for you who are joining me, too.

So, here are the basics: I’m in my 40s. I’ve been divorced and have since remarried. I have three kids, ages 14, 10, and 14 months. You might be wondering what a woman over 40 was thinking, getting pregnant and having a baby after she already had two kids in her early 30s. All of that is part of my story that I’m excited to share more about with you. But the most important thing is that having a child at this point in my life gave me the chance to find a way back to me, and to rediscover my identity as a woman, wife, mother, and the human I want to be.

Along this journey, we will talk about some of life’s most important questions. No topic is off limits! I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about body and self image, careers, and holistic wellbeing and health. What do you want to share with me?

I’ll be here every week with a reflection on what I’m currently learning and a practical application that you can try yourself, whether it be an activity, a recipe, or something else that’s meaningful and easy to incorporate into your daily life, in order to find your way back to yourself.   fb-post



3 thoughts on “A Health and Wellness Journey Back to Me

    1. Is this what they call midlife crisis? Maybe it’s a gift of self awareness and the epiphany of not living for ever. Now we can let go of our conditioned thoughts and actually be our authentic self! Rock on with the art! I love art too!

      1. Think so yes. I reckon I am on my third midlife crisis! But you are right. There is a realisation that life is short and there has to be more to it than the daily grind. Never stop learning and growing and opening oneself up to new possibilities.
        In the last few months I have started being myself again. My wife is not always comfortable with it but it has reached the point where it is a matter of self preservation.

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