A Health and Wellness Journey, Epigenetics is Nerdy but Cool!!!


Epigenetics – Our genes may not define us!

It’s difficult nowadays to miss the buzz regarding Epigenetics, a word used by many researchers to describe inherited patterns of gene expression which do not reflect directly in the DNA sequence. Research has brought up more evidence that our DNA patterns can and do shift according to the inner uterine environment. It is believed that all our sensory experiences, thought patterns and experience are encoded in the DNA. But most people refuse to believe that DNA can and does change and shift.

Our thoughts, perceptions and attitudes about life is imprinted on our child’s psyche as a groundwork for the world he/she will be coming into.  The more peaceful, calm, supported and relaxed a women feels during her conception/pregnancy, the more peaceful, calm, supported and relaxed her newborn will be.

Michel Odent believes that the more calm and relaxed we keep a mother during her pregnancy, that shift or change in epigenetics you will also witness in the child.  This is very logical and practical thought yet so difficult for most of us to understand.

The DNA code is inadequate, even if essential, to explain how genes give rise to the dynamics of life. The most oft-cited example is how so many cells in our body have identical DNA, yet they look and act differently as skin and bones. Many scientists have shifted their focus to chromatin studies to provide some of these answers.

HYPERLINK “http://genetics.mgh.harvard.edu/kingstonweb/default.html” \t “_blank” Robert Kingston said, “Epigenetics is central to the fact that we have fingers and toes in the right place and that our skin and liver are functioning, and it is fundamental to what goes wrong in development and cancer”.

If described in simple words Epigenetics is the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. Certain situations in life can make our genes to be silenced or expressed over time. Meaning genes can be turned off (becoming dormant) or turned on (becoming active) as per circumstances.

What we eat, where we live, when we  HYPERLINK “https://www.whatisepigenetics.com/the-epigenetics-of-sleep-3-reasons-to-catch-more-zzzs/” \t “_blank” sleep, our exercise pattern, whom we interact and meet with– all of these habits and lifestyle can ultimately cause chemical modifications around the genes which in turn will turn those genes on or off over time. Moreover, in certain diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s, a number of genes will be changed into the opposite state, away from the normal state.

We need to understand that even though we all are humans, why do we all have different skin or different hair color? Why do some of us hate a specific vegetable and someone relishes the same vegetable? Why are some people  HYPERLINK “https://www.whatisepigenetics.com/epigenetic-gift-of-gab-could-chemical-tags-on-dna-influence-a-persons-social-skills/” \t “_blank” more sociable and extrovert than others? The reason is that the different combinations of genes which are turned on or off in us. These genes determine our uniqueness. With over 20000 genes, we can have innumerable combinations of genes being turned on or off? The possible options are enormous! But if we are able to find out the single cause and effect of these different combinations, and if we are able to reverse the gene’s state in order to keep the good and eliminate the bad. Then theoretically speaking we will be able to cure cancer, slow aging, stop obesity, and so much more.

The growing importance of Epigenetics in gene regulation has started to bring in a paradigm shift in healthcare and nutrition. Integrative Nutrition specialists believe that genetics are not fixed, and by choosing a correct healthy nutrition we can turn on the healthy genes in our body and at the same time overpower the genetic expression of disease. MIND BLOWING!pexels-photo-612914.jpeg


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