The Journey of Health and Wellness

Bad day


Have you ever told someone that you’re having a bad day? I recently started a strength training class because of lack of muscle. I had my baby 16 months ago and wanting to put on a few pounds. I found this really great physical trainer to help with my goal. She accessed weight, my body fat, and made me log what I was eating each day. She used this assessment to determine the best strength training routine.

I meet her in person on Tuesday and Thursday and the other days she printed out a guided routine I could follow from home. She demonstrated each exercise and had me try it as well to check my form and make corrections as needed. All I have to do is show up from 11 to 12 on Tuesday and Thursday.  I showed up this Tuesday, had a great session with her she practiced on my form and what I needed to do to improve and we had a great session. On Thursday,  she sent me a text. The text was a normal, “Hey just making sure you Are coming to class today at 11am. I can’t believe I sent her this text Hey M—, I hate to do this but I am not going to make it, I am just having A BAD DAY. Yes, I actually sent this to her.

Today I decided to see what the Wizard Internet has to say about, A BAD DAY.  The urban dictionary actually states, A BAD DAY is when you wake up and hit your head on numerous objects, trip on several steps, and coincidentally spill mustard on your totally white clothing, and it usually happens on a Monday. Here are a few synonyms for A BAD DAY.

The Journey of Health and Wellness
Bad Day
  • Bad Hair Day
  • Unlucky Day
  • Awful Day
  • Not So Perfect Day
  • Ghastly Day
  • Monday

One of the presenters in my Integrative Nutrition Class says, put your hand over your heart. Can you feel it beating? Isn’t it amazing even when we are sleeping your heart is still working for you. Every breath we take is a miracle, and feel gratitude for waking up to another beautiful day of being alive.

“It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.”
― Germany Kent

If I am honest, I really don’t enjoy lifting weights. I always feel awkward. I have these little itty-bitty muscles and never took the time over the years to learn proper form. I feel out of place. All this being said is more reason for me to choose to gain more muscle and learn proper form. I could come up with a hundred reasons on not being present or showing up fully to my strength training class. I need to own my lack of knowledge and take responsibility of learning something new. This is necessary if I want to reach my goal. Otherwise it was just an idea and nothing is gained with out hard work.

Improving our physical health with a busy work routine or commitments we can neglect our own personal health. If we have positive thinking this will help illuminate lack of motivation.

My strength trainer is great in her role and I was actually acting out the way many potential clients do in Health, Life and Physical Wellness.  I wanted to write a blog describing how it must be for client and how we can easily lack responsibility and ownership of our goals and perceived destinations.

Journey of Health and Wellness
Bad Day

One very interesting phenomena in coaching is called Mind Mirrors. In my class of integrative nutrition, we are learning how often times the client asking for help, is dealing with the same issues we may be experiencing. The magic of Mirroring can be almost bizarre when the client starts talking about themselves. Often times, the Coach can wonder,  how am I going to help this person with the same issues the coach is experiencing? We all live very busy lives and often times, the coach doesn’t make time to nurture themselves.  In our heads we think, time is limited, when we are ready to receive the message than the mirror has done her job.

We need to embrace the mirror and step up to it. In Health Coaching we have the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focused on. By using the same power of the mind, we can translate our thoughts and materialize it into reality. If you want to read more about mirroring check here.

There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the end of the strings that somebody else pulls- Howard Thurman

The Law of Attraction is the belief that my focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative into their life. This is why the universe is such a infinitely awesome place. It is thought Buddha believed, What you have become is what you have thought.” Obviously Mirroring and The Law of Attraction are very similar. If  you want to read about the Law of Attraction read here

I am looking at this list, it says, Michelle double your calories for the time being. You need to eat at least 1600 cal per day, protein, healthy fat, and complex carbohydrate at every meal. Stay hydrated. Stay on your training schedule below. No excuses.

  • Monday cardio power upper focus body weights only
  • Tuesday total body strength with my awesome strength training coach
  • Wednesday cardio power lower focus
  • Thursday total body strength with my awesome teacher(I let myself down)
  • Friday cardio of your choice
  • Saturday at the gym lifting weights upper and lower
  • Sunday rest
The Journey of Health and Wellness
Mind Mirroring or Law of Attraction

This is my blog of confession. I was the text book case of not taking responsibility for my goals. No ones going to lift weights for you MICHELLE! I’m not beating myself up but it was a good way for me to see what its like on the other side for a client.

Journey to Health and Wellness
Mind Mirror or Law of Attraction

Oh, I have a lot more to tell you along my journey. Body image and all that jazz has always been a struggle for me. Remember nothing is off limits. I promise I will get to all this in future blogs!