YAY, I passed my 1st Integrative Nutrition Test, and Don’t Eat Macaroni Sitting on the Dining Room Table!

My Journey to Health and Wellness started on January 19th of this year. I am taking a course to certify me in Integrative Nutrition Coaching with additional Life Coaching requirements.

I left my corporate job a little over a year ago. I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life. Integrative Nutrition is all about creating a ripple effect through Awareness, Education, and Inspiration.

I just took my first test and I only missed two questions! YAY!! I am documenting the importance of the two items I missed because of the merit behind them.
1.In order to reach goals, Mastin Kipp’s suggestion is to choose steps that are ___________ because ___________.

a| scary; they push you to a place where the stakes are higher
If you are unfamiliar with Mastin Kipp, I highly recommend listening to one of his talks or going to his website here,
He is all about living your purpose and stepping out of your comfort zone. I think we all do this too often!

2. If you prioritize your organic purchases, which produce is best to make sure it is organic?
a| strawberries, apples, and peaches
This is all based on Pesticide risks. One interesting study is Pesticides are linked to Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, Cancer(Prostate, Ovarian, Breast, Testicular, and Kidney) and also increases respiratory issues, depression, and developmental problems in children. The U.S. carries more risk than most countries. Make sure you are buying organic and especially the 3 fruits I listed above! Check out more information about this at

3. Don’t Eat Macaroni while sitting on top of the table! Yes, this was my Organic Macaroni and it was microwaved….Shhhhh I was in a hurry! Carbohydrates are very essential but please pick from this list.
Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Bulgur, Millet , Wild Rice, Whole grain Barley, and Steel Cut Oatmeal. Oh, and try Yuca Root which you normally can find by the garlic and onions. It is a very interesting looking root. Read about the difference in the Yucas vs Potatoes and where they are from at
Or, even better, try this fellow WordPress blogger about the yuca root,

This is short and sweet! It is Spring Break for my 3 Kids! Have a great rest of the week!

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5 thoughts on “YAY, I passed my 1st Integrative Nutrition Test, and Don’t Eat Macaroni Sitting on the Dining Room Table!

    1. Thank you! Honestly when I walked out of my old office knowing I would never return was the most blissful and surreal feeling. Prior to making my leap to a fulfilling life and career, it was like looking at a wall which was too tall to climb and to far to walk around. I can’t believe I would ponder at this wall of feeling stuck for 17 years. Finally with courage, I found the trap door to go underneath the wall to get to the other side. The trap door was always there but I didn’t want to see it! Anyone on the fence about wether to follow their passions? Just count to ten and do it! There is nothing to wait for except time to pass! ❤️❤️❤️Thank u for your support! Ahhhhhh

      1. You’re welcome and Exactly! It’s super scary to leave a “cushy” way of living, but no matter what, I don’t think life is worth living unless I’m fulfilling my life purpose. It’s so liberating. P.s. Looking forward to you posting some integrative nutrition recipes! I definitely need to get my act together!!! 😀

      2. Integrative Nutrition is all about BioIndividuality. There are hundreds of diet theories out there but it’s the diet which speaks to you. Read my blog on epigenetics. In my reading we have genes, science calls non negotiables and than we have committee genes. These are genes we can argue with and possibly turn off. Meaning, if we have a certain disease we may have slight determination for, we may be able to reverse this disease with proper diet. Diseases like, Diabetes, Arthritis, anti inflammatory diseases, and even cancer.
        My go to diet theory right now is The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook. The one I am using is by Madeline Given but you can find many anti inflammatory diet books. I suggest reading about why this diet is good! No diet should ever be so restrictive or limited. Otherwise it’s setting us up for failure. The anti inflammatory diet is one you can follow for as long as your body needs it! ❤️🙌🏼

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