Interesting Integrative Nutrition Knowledge Journal Project

pexels-photo-730806.jpegI am about to complete the first 10 modules of my Integrative Nutrition Class.  I decided to document some interesting facts along my Journey. The full year I will complete 40 modules and need to pass two tests in order to become certified.

First interesting fact is I am learning to chase WiFi which is a whole new world. When I was in college 20 years ago I would drag heavy books with highlighters and calculators and sit in a library and drink copious amounts of caffeinated drinks.

Now, I am sitting in one of the many coffee joints which has WiFi. I am learning my headphones are not sound proof, because I know exactly what color and style of prom dress each barista is wearing next month. I just picked up the oldest from baseball and my husband has the baby. I am drinking decaf coffee, otherwise I will be up all night and I have exactly one hour before I pick up my middle child from soccer practice. Dang things have changed.


Module One-

#1 The Institute of Integrative Nutrition has a mission of playing a crucial role in Improving Health and Happiness and as more Health Coaches are certified and practicing a Ripple effect that will eventually transform the world.

#2 According to Megmet Oz, Fear of Change is actually a fear of not being loved! Hmmmm

pexels-photo-210628.jpeg#3 The Health Coach heals by supporting clients who are dealing with simular situations. My Niche, My Niche? What will it be?

#4 Just like anyone starting a business I need defined goals. How do I make my dreams, “Pie in the Sky”, for real? In order to make my goals tangible I need to truly know what I want from my training.

Bring back the ole Mind Map!business-innovation-money-icon-40218.jpeg#5 A Health Coach will not only help clients with what they put on a plate which is Seconday. A Health Coach will help restore balance and health through self-care. The real key is knowing what is out of balance in a persons Primary Food.

pexels-photo-103123.jpegWell my WiFi Hussle has come to an end! This is just a little journal and project I use for reference.



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